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Pope meets with survivors of Nice terror attack
Pope meets with survivors of Nice terror attack
Pope Francis: We must try our best to imitate God's mercy
Pope Francis surprises a neonatal ward in Rome
Pope says French priest slain by ISIS a martyr
Is religion at odds with science? A Vatican astronomer weighs in
No sin is bigger than God, Pope Francis says
Pope Francis' challenge - Follow Jesus, not yourself
Pope Francis hosts pizza party for Italy's poor
Pope Francis declares Mother Teresa a saint
The happiest day of Mother Teresa's life
Are you a sinner? Run to Jesus, Pope Francis says
Pope Francis welcomes Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg to the Vatican
Mother Teresa's dark night of the soul
After earthquake, Francis sets aside speech and picks up rosary
Pope Francis: We must signal God's mercy, attention
Pope Francis visits St. Maximilian Kolbe's cell
Pope decries "shameful silence" following DRC massacre
Pope Francis invites Syrian refugees to lunch
From heart to hand: Pope Francis reflects on mercy
Pope Francis entrusts Aleppo to the Virgin Mary

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Bishop Conley: You actually don't have to vote for either

Catholics who can't in good conscience vote for either major presidential candidate are well within their rights to pick a third option, says Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska. Voters need to discern whether there is a candidate in each...

CNA Blog - Catholic Emojis are something to love about the iOS 10 update

New iPhone updates are among the things we love to hate, and the new iOS10 update is garnering just as much angst and ire as its predecessors. But while there are several reasons to be annoyed at...

Defend us in battle

Today is Michaelmas, the feast of St. Michael, the archangel, and actually of the rest of the archangels, too. I’m not building my kids a satan piñata to smash or baking anything with...

Double review: 'Deepwater Horizon' and 'Masterminds'

by Carl Kozlowski

There are two kinds of true-story disaster movies hitting theatres this weekend. “Deepwater Horizon” stars Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Rusell in the tragic tale of what happened when the titular oil...
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