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Biden touts Catholic faith as campaign falters

Biden touts Catholic faith as campaign falters
Presidential candidate Joe Biden highlighted his Catholic faith in a new campaign ad, released on Tuesday, Feb. 18. The former frontrunner for the Democratic nomination has seen a sharp drop in his poll numbers following loses in the Iowa...

CNA Blog - Three hidden Marian images to find in Rome

By Hannah Brockhaus Rome has an abundance of beautiful churches, interesting relics, and sacred art. To wander the streets of the city’s historic center is to stumble upon something amazing. But...

Lithuanian Ateitis Federation shows how a group of young people can have an impact on society

by Andrea Gagliarducci

Five principles, a motto, a name — which means  ”future” in Lithuanian — and 110 years of history: on Feb. 19, 2020, Lithuania’s Ateitis Federation of Catholic youth celebrated its 110th...