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What do serious, practicing Catholics think about the sex abuse crisis? To find out, you can commission a public opinion survey or you can attend... (Read more)

Guest Columnist

Book Review: When Women Pray

By Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

Catholic women in the United States – indeed, all Catholics – now face a test of our faith. The scandals across the church and Rome’s continued... (Read more)
The speaker was a highly sophisticated layman, possessor of a doctorate and professor of theology at a major Catholic university. We had been... (Read more)
Despite feeling humiliated and betrayed as a faithful Catholic, I am thankful for our summer of shame. I am grateful that a Pennsylvania grand... (Read more)

Russell Shaw

We Need Truth

By Russell Shaw

Statements by Pope Francis and American bishops reacting to the Church’s sex abuse scandal suggest they are serious about getting to the roots of... (Read more)
One of the questions that I – like most priests – am asked every now and then is whether I have ever performed an exorcism.  For the sake of... (Read more)
It is amazing how film trends start. In preparation for the new film “Mission: Impossible -Fallout,” I binged all of the previous films. While... (Read more)
Back in October, when Harvey Weinstein’s exploits [crimes] became public, those of us who have been supportive of the Catholic Church’s teachings... (Read more)
I might be the only person who gets really excited to organize big groups for going to the movies. My wife always wants to spare my vulnerable... (Read more)
In the half-century since Pope Paul VI published his encyclical Humanae Vitae reaffirming that contraception is always wrong, opponents of the... (Read more)