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The draft of the Curia reform, Praedicate Evangelium, does not even mention the office of the Pope emeritus. It is as if Benedict XVI’s 2013... (Read more)

2020, all Pope Francis’ men

By Andrea Gagliarducci

2020 seems to be the year in which Pope Francis will be able to change the Curia profoundly, along with the profile of the worldwide episcopate.... (Read more)
According to the latest report of the Observatory on Intolerance and discrimination Against Christians in Europe, there have been in the last year... (Read more)
Pope Francis on Sunday appointed the 62-year-old Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle as Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of... (Read more)
How did the Institute for Works of Religion work in real estate investments? The question is pertinent to two major issues:  the recent so-called... (Read more)
The searches and seizures conducted by Vatican police at  the Secretariat of State and the Financial Intelligence Authority inaugurated an... (Read more)
The Vatican Gendarmes Corps seized documents, computers, and other electronic equipment in the offices of the Vatican Secretariat of State and... (Read more)

Why does celibacy matter in the end?

By Andrea Gagliarducci

According to the French writer Jean Mercier, who passed away in 2018, the Church of the future will be a Church of small communities in the... (Read more)
With the consistory of Cardinals set on Oct. 5, Pope Francis will create 13 new cardinals. His choices are revealing of Pope Francis’ modus... (Read more)
It is time for change within the ranks of the Vatican Secretariat of State. On July 26th, two officials of the Secretariat of State were promoted... (Read more)