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So, the Vatican’s financial watchdog is getting a name change and new statutes. The Vatican’s Financial Intelligence Authority will soon be known... (Read more)
Bishop Daniele Libanori, Jesuit and auxiliary for the diocese of Rome, might be appointed next Friday as the successor of Cardinal Beniamino... (Read more)
Fabio Gasperini, a well-known manager who is working for Ernst & Young, might soon be appointed the secretary of the Administration of the... (Read more)
Conscientious objection and freedom of expression are under threat in Europe, as shown by two legal cases that made news last March.  On March... (Read more)
Plans for a “Vatican Asset Management” outfit were laid out almost as soon as Pope Francis created the new Secretariat for the Economy.  The VAM... (Read more)
The Holy See is reportedly seeking to renegotiate the £120 million loan it used to complete the purchase of property at 60 Sloane Avenue in... (Read more)
Attorneys for a Maltese business venture involved in a legal dispute say the so-called Vatican bank’s new management care more about sullying the... (Read more)
At the end of the last week, Pope Francis elevated cardinals Luis Antonio Tagle and Beniamino Stella to the Order of Cardinal Bishops – the... (Read more)
As governments around the world work to assess and contain the effect of the coronavirus emergency on the economy and state finances, the Vatican... (Read more)
Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is situated at the geographic center of Europe. The Gate of Dawn is one of the entrance doors of the city,... (Read more)

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