From the Bishops

The suffering Church and the third day

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

On the Mediterranean coast, half way between modern Tel Aviv to the north and Haifa to the south, stand the ruins of Caesarea Maritima, the... (Read more)

Ghosts and life after death

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

One of the most famous figures of all English literature is the ghost of Hamlet’s father. Three times he appears in Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy... (Read more)
Researchers claim that an average person needs less than 30 seconds to appraise someone at a first encounter. Even before the individual speaks,... (Read more)
Basic to the American dream is the search for freedom. In the 17th century, Europeans facing persecution for their beliefs fled to America. Since... (Read more)
Alfred E. Smith, a devout Catholic, was elected four times as governor of New York. However, the announcement of his candidacy for president... (Read more)

New men for this new moment

By Archbishop José H. Gomez

This weekend I will ordain nine fine men to the priesthood. For these past eight years, God has been blessing the family of God here in Los... (Read more)

Political engagement and the Holy Spirit

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Since 2010, world leaders, movie stars, CEOs, artists, and political activists have been meeting annually in New York for the Women in the World... (Read more)

Pope Francis: proselytism vs evangelization

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

In 2013, Hallmark sparked a controversy by changing a single word in a Christmas song. Ever since 1877, the traditional English lyrics of Decks... (Read more)
In a recent U.S. Catholic survey, eighty percent of those questioned said that music at Mass was very important to them. However, only thirteen... (Read more)

The certainty of doubt

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

In 1859, Darwin published On the Origin of Species. His book brought into the open a conflict between science and religion that had been simmering... (Read more)