Russell Shaw

Biden and National Unity

By Russell Shaw

With searing images of mob violence at the U.S. Capitol fresh in memory, Joe Biden comes to the presidency as a potential healer of divisions and... (Read more)

An Unsung Prolife Hero

By Russell Shaw

The prolife movement has lots of heroes and heroines, sung and unsung alike, but there’s always room for one more. As an addition to the roster of... (Read more)
Just because it’s the Christmas season is no reason to pause the culture war. And here to celebrate peace and good will in its own peculiar... (Read more)

Saving Catholic Schools

By Russell Shaw

A little over two centuries ago – in 1810, to be precise – a brave, devout woman named Elizabeth Ann Seton launched two tiny schools, an academy... (Read more)

After the McCarrick Report

By Russell Shaw

The Vatican document tracing the rise of ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick through the hierarchy’s ranks has been praised for its unprecedented... (Read more)

Legalism and Civil Unions

By Russell Shaw

If you were wondering what became of moral legalism, wonder no more – legalistic thinking has found its home in the media. Coverage and commentary... (Read more)
Let me begin with what I suspect will be a welcome promise – I won’t tell you which candidate to vote for or how I plan to vote. As to the first,... (Read more)
When did confirming someone for a seat on the Supreme Court become a traumatic ordeal for the candidate and the nation? How did we get to the... (Read more)

Of Miracles, Fast and Slow

By Russell Shaw

A friend asks me to write about miracles, taking as an example the events that brought him and his wife together in a happy marriage now in its... (Read more)
Some years ago, Lee Edwards, a veteran conservative writer and a friend of mine, launched an organization, the Victims of Communism Memorial... (Read more)

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