Russell Shaw

Let me begin with what I suspect will be a welcome promise – I won’t tell you which candidate to vote for or how I plan to vote. As to the first,... (Read more)
When did confirming someone for a seat on the Supreme Court become a traumatic ordeal for the candidate and the nation? How did we get to the... (Read more)

Of Miracles, Fast and Slow

By Russell Shaw

A friend asks me to write about miracles, taking as an example the events that brought him and his wife together in a happy marriage now in its... (Read more)
Some years ago, Lee Edwards, a veteran conservative writer and a friend of mine, launched an organization, the Victims of Communism Memorial... (Read more)

On the Road to Polyamory

By Russell Shaw

Under the heading “A fair chance for children” the New York Times editorial board recommends four measures to help low-income kids: create... (Read more)

On Revisiting Brideshead

By Russell Shaw

In the late spring of 1945, as World War II was drawing toward a close, a novel called Brideshead Revisited made its appearance in Britain; its... (Read more)
Does the Catholic Church have a right to follow its convictions about sexual morality in its own institutions without being penalized by... (Read more)

Sound Advice from the Chief

By Russell Shaw

Disappointed prolifers were predictably angry at Chief Justice John Roberts for providing the fifth vote in the five-member Supreme Court majority... (Read more)

China and Rome

By Russell Shaw

Not long after coming to power in 1933, the German government headed by  Adolf  Hitler sought a formal agreement with the Holy See – a concordat... (Read more)

The Roots of the Crisis

By Russell Shaw

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address is one of the most remarkable documents in American history – a serious theological meditation by a... (Read more)

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