Russell Shaw

China and Rome

By Russell Shaw

Not long after coming to power in 1933, the German government headed by  Adolf  Hitler sought a formal agreement with the Holy See – a concordat... (Read more)

The Roots of the Crisis

By Russell Shaw

Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address is one of the most remarkable documents in American history – a serious theological meditation by a... (Read more)

In Defense of Homeschooling

By Russell Shaw

Although a Harvard law school professor’s recent proposal that homeschooling children be banned provoked a predictable hornets’ nest of... (Read more)

End Times? Yes and No

By Russell Shaw

One of the more predictable byproducts of the coronavirus pandemic has been an uptick in apocalyptic warnings that the end of the world is at... (Read more)

Security in a Pandemic

By Russell Shaw

Security. Safety. Safekeeping. The human craving for protection against harm is universal and reaches its anxiety-ridden peak in the face of an... (Read more)
It now appears that the legacy of the coronavirus pandemic is going to include an ongoing, sometimes ugly debate on the merits of closing churches... (Read more)

After the pandemic

By Russell Shaw

The coronavirus pandemic shows no sign of abating as this is written, but it’s none too soon to start thinking about what we have already learned... (Read more)
So much has been said and written about the novel coronavirus that if words could stem a pandemic, we would all long since have been dancing in... (Read more)
For all practical purposes or at least most, the Supreme Court likely has already decided the most important abortion-related case to come before... (Read more)

The Court It Is a-Changin'

By Russell Shaw

“Chances are that abortion rights cases will look very different very soon.” That is the cautious assessment of Thomas H. Fisher, solicitor... (Read more)

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