Russell Shaw

It’s said that Robert Hugh Benson’s conversion to Roman Catholicism was an act of rebellion against his father, Edward White Benson, Archbishop of... (Read more)

A post-truth culture

By Russell Shaw

Has America become home to a post-truth culture? I ran into that phrase – “post-truth culture” – casually applied to the United States, in... (Read more)
Imagine the government ordered Ford dealers to post signs telling prospective auto buyers to check out Chevrolet or required vegan restaurants to... (Read more)

Marriage and social class

By Russell Shaw

Among the benign myths that lie close to the hearts of many Americans is the belief that, in the end, social class differences don’t count for all... (Read more)
The challenge of finding language in which believers and non-believers can communicate is unintentionally illustrated in a bestselling new book... (Read more)
As a kind of back-to-school gift to students, professors at three of the nation’s prestige schools offered them a piece of good advice: “Think for... (Read more)
Amid the cries of alarm in the wake of the tragic violence in Charlottesville, one unanswered question stands out: After all these years – all... (Read more)

Learning to read Chesterton

By Russell Shaw

I suppose it will be considered heresy in some quarters, but I’ve never been what you would call a fan of the writing of G.K. Chesterton. Some... (Read more)
Looking at things from this side of the Atlantic, it is easy to think of Europe as a single, united entity. Seen up close it’s not so clear.... (Read more)
Will a preschool kids’ playground turn out to be the path that leads to ending a historic form of discrimination against church-sponsored schools... (Read more)