The Way of Beauty

The North American Martyrs

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

Some the most breathtaking scenery in the United States is found throughout Upper New York and northward to the St. Lawrence Seaway.      Two... (Read more)

A Tribute to Vin Scully

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

He’s been dubbed: “The Poet-Philosopher of Baseball,” “A Voice for the Ages,” “The Velvet Voice.” He’s been compared to Walter Cronkite, Mark... (Read more)
It’s a wonderful phenomenon—yeast.  It permeates lifeless flour and causes it to rise and expand.  The power of yeast effects the brewing of beer... (Read more)


By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

Everyone has a theory about leadership, but all of us want strong, effective, and moral leaders. They’re in great demand but hard to find.... (Read more)

The President Who Nearly Was

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

In this political season—some call it the theater of the absurd—discussions about women presidents evoke strong views. In the1960s, there was... (Read more)

The Dark Night of the Soul and The Dark Night

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

Search the Internet, and you’ll find literature in abundance regarding the hackneyed phrase, dark night of the soul. Last week, the phrase... (Read more)

Proud of employment, willingly I go

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

We have just celebrated the last civic holiday of the summer. On Labor Day, we reflect on our role as co-workers in God’s vineyard and, with our... (Read more)

Spotlight on education at Matteo Ricci College

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

Matteo Ricci College (MRC) is one of eight schools and colleges that form part of Seattle University, a Catholic institution conducted by the... (Read more)

Jane and John go to college, and so do their parents

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

In a week or two, freshmen from around the country will begin their college education. The first year, the most important of the four, is meant to... (Read more)

Back to School: The Catholic Philosophy of Education

By Sr. Joan L. Roccasalvo, C.S.J.

“It’s back to school,” the many ads remind us.  The noble work of education will soon begin anew.   The word, educate, from the Latin educere,... (Read more)

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