True Believers

I would like to get through this life without ever having to injure or kill another human being. I suppose I’d have to consider myself a pacifist.... (Read more)
There are lots of things I want to do that I’m just not allowed to do anymore. I am several seasons behind on my superhero shows. I have been... (Read more)

The path of ‘Emanuel’

By Tim Hruszkewycz

I tend to avoid Christian films because they often weren’t very good. But I have to note one exception. Christian filmmakers, with decent... (Read more)
Some things are just good and wholesome. But as a parent, I often hear how kids’ movies tend to lean hard into some inappropriate content. It... (Read more)
My wife told me that I had to write a review for “Avengers: Endgame.” With a big Hollywood tentpole movie like the final film in Marvel’s Infinity... (Read more)
As someone who occasionally finds entertainment in trash TV, I understand its appeal. It lets us feel better about ourselves. We can look in on... (Read more)
"...I can’t, in good conscience, recommend the film as something that would bring people closer to their faith..." --- I don’t think that... (Read more)
My friend has a strange secret hobby. He really likes watching videos of people punching Nazis, which, apparently, can be found on YouTube. His... (Read more)
I just watched a corporation make a move in a grand cinematic strategy.   “Dumbo” is not a movie meant to stand on its own two feet. It is an... (Read more)
I was sleepy last night after returning from “Captain Marvel.” The movie was great, but this was a day that involved a vomiting baby and a full... (Read more)